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Angel Marquez
2021-01-14 04:27:47

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Genshin Impact brings us many tasks and therefore we explain to you where to find All Lost Riches Treasure in Cape Oat

What to know about Lost Riches Treasure in Cape Oat in Genshin Impact?

  The first thing we need to know about where to find all All Lost Riches Treasure in Cape Oat is that they are buried, they are part of day five of the "Lost Riches" event, and where there is the possibility of finding some objects and necessary elements to continue our progress.
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Where to find all Lost Riches Treasure in Cape Oat in Genshin Impact?

Our work leads us to locate ourselves in Cabo Juramento, this occurs where there is a large amount of water, it is precisely a place where we can remove the seelies to look for treasures, since they indicate the correct areas because it is shown to us as a circle orange, this is located on the Galesong hill in Mondstadt, it is only necessary to move towards the east side of said region, where a total of 5 marks are located in the treasure area 10, here we must be clear that it is necessary to interact with each of them, which allows us to have the possibility of digging up the iron coins as long as we move within this specific circle that is orange.

 Some players find it necessary to restart the game because they cannot always see the treasure 10 markers, which makes it impossible to collect the iron coins, this a treasure that can sometimes be complicated and restart the game. I play on more than one occasion, however, we cannot necessarily get this treasure quickly, but this does not have to worry us because there are several places where it is possible to have the possibility of getting iron coins and accumulating them, this last option is very important because there is the possibility of exchanging or using them.


  •  We can exchange the coins for Blackberry, Cousins, Mines of mystical improvement or the Hero Touch.
  • We can use the iron coins to buy one of the 3 mini seelies only that these require 280 coins.


Definitely, knowing where to find all All Lost Riches Treasure in Cape Oat is a somewhat difficult task that cannot always be given to us and it is possible to have to restart Genshin Impact more than once, however, do not stop trying.

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