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The action in Genshin Impact does not stop, therefore we will explain how to get the flute sword.

What to know about Genshin Impact?

What we have in this game is quite wide, the map, the weapons and artifacts that allow us to improve our progress, in relation to the weapons are rated by stars, this being the maximum of 5, where the 4 stars are obtainable through We will be able to obtain special missions or blacksmiths, mostly by this same path, now considering this it is appropriate to see How to get the flute sword, let's see what we find next.

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How to get the flute sword in Genshin Impact?

Through Wish many 5-star weapons are available, in the case of the flute sword it is the same despite the fact that it is a 4 star, to solve How to get the flute sword it is only possible to receive it as a reward of the call banners of the game, at the third opportunity this is achieved, taking into account the cost of the desire in a banner is 160 primogems, an important factor to consider, this weapon is part of the series of the troop of travelers, which indicates to be directly in relation to the sets of artifacts, having the bell, the ring and him without ropes are also included, in Genshin Impact these weapons do not have a passive ability, but they do have the notable ones as pieces of equipment, with this sword of flute benefits such as the boost in ATK of base state bonuses and the secondary one, the chord skill allows the creation of a very powerful attack with AoE effect once every 5 hits, we get by using this build a harmonic that lasts 30 seconds, if we accumulate the harmonics up to 5 the power of the music will be activated, it is an explosion of ATK DMG AoE of 100 percent, now when refining it can be reached up to 200 percent of the total damage, for every 5 standard hits the double damage explosion will be activated.

Sword experts will be seen to great benefit, Jean may have healing skill enhancements, Keqing benefits from raw power and musical blast at times, not only featured for weapon banners, with the standard and special It is also available, while the new 5 stars will only be in the Banner of only weapons, in the case of refining this weapon or any other 4 additional copies of it are required, but having it at level 1 is enough. In the case of other weapons there are limitations, the triggering of the chord effect that comes after 5 hits is something important.

 Finally, now that we know how to get the flute sword we can move on to Genshin Impact.

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