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Version 1.2 of Genshin Impact has managed to occupy us for which it is necessary to tell you How to find Joel's father

Where to find Joel's father in Genshin Impact?

This is a game that has managed to penetrate very well and version 1.2 is proof of this, in that sense, knowing How to find Joel's father makes us take care of working on a mission called "Lost in Snow", the matter More complex here is not only helping Joel get his father but also having to work in a new region called Dragon's Thorn that is covered by ice and mountains.

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How to find Joel's father in Genshin Impact?

Our first task is to adapt to this type of temperature, even when the cold may be imminent, it is necessary to adapt to it in order to do some of the tasks that are usually available for the area, the idea is to occupy ourselves on the one hand to reach the top to complete the job and on the other hand use a character of pyrotechnic element because it has the ability to light fire.

Now to get to the top it is necessary:

  •  Go to the Statue of the Seven on the Dragon's Thorn.
  • In case of not spawning there it is usually necessary to jump off the cliff to reach a small cave between the Surrendered City and the Palace.
  • Next, it is necessary to take care of defeating an enemy that may be in the camp and that is where we get the opportunity to observe a note that has been written by Joel's father, where he says that he pauses for the summit because he believes that the weather is favorable.


 Now, we continue the tour and this takes us to the Old Palace that is located in front of the statue, and we walk around a large pit after having been commissioned to make some fire, because the cold climate here deserves it. Now, knowing how to look for Joel's father makes us take care of taking a look at a camp that usually has a Hilichurl, the idea is to get it down carefully, once this is given we get a note from the father where he says that a The storm caused him to lose half of his supplies and he had to hide in a cave below, which makes us have to return to the Statue of Seven and walk towards the brittle stone wall because the last camp of Joel's father is covered there in Genshin Impact, only the news is not good, the fate of the father has not been favorable, however, this makes us rewarded with:

  •  2 heroes of wit.
  • 4 mystical enhancement minerals.
  • 40 primogems.
  • 30,000 arrears.


In this sense, knowing how to find Joel's father allows us to carry out an important task and for which we are well rewarded in Genshin Impact.

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