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Fortnite presents us with a wide enough world and therefore it is convenient to tell you about How to get a lever-action rifle

What is the lever-action rifle in Fortnite?

  Fortnite has been characterized by keeping us as attentive as possible to each challenge through the seasons, as we progress it becomes necessary to have better equipment, and for that reason, it is important to get the lever-action rifle that is nothing more than a Weapon that has been incorporated very recently and that has the capacity to do 100 damage to complete an Operation Snow challenge.
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How to get a lever-action rifle in Fortnite?

To get this weapon it is necessary to take a look at the chests that may be in the game because these can appear as a type of reward, on the other hand there is the possibility of getting this weapon in Supply Drops, it is necessary to consider that this usually have the ability to execute 9 shots in succession, ideal to execute a clean shot to the head, apart from that there is the possibility of having 3 particular variants.


  •  It has 52 damage.
  • Has 1.25 fire speed.
  • It has a reload time of 6.3 seconds.



  •  It has 55 damage.
  • Has 1.25 fire speed.
  • It has a reload time of 6.0 seconds.



  •  It has 58 damage.
  • Has 1.25 fire speed.
  • It has a loading time of 5.7 seconds.


Now that you know how to get a lever-action rifle it is time to embark on this quest and thus complete the Operation Nine challenge in Fortnite.

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