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Angel Marquez
2020-11-26 15:12:29

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The action in Genshin Impact does not stop, so today we are going to explain how to complete Trouble with Letters.

What to know about Trouble with Letters in Genshin Impact?

We are before one of the quests that we must complete in the game, this being the event of unreconciled stars, the 9th world that we will make of the Meteorological Wave and which turns out to be the third and last in the series of the star of destiny, with the purpose that we get to complete this event here we are asked to deliver a letter to little Liu by Jiayi, we will accept this mission considering that we have completed the previous 2 of the destiny star before, these being an unlimited opportunity and A mysterious loss, now to understand How to complete Trouble with Letters let's see the following.
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How to complete Trouble with Letters in Genshin Impact?

We must seek to speak with Jiyai, this occurs in the port of Liyue, where we are going to discover that it requires someone to deliver a letter in Qingce, so we accept and we will go to the place that will be presented on our map, once we arrive Here we are going to face some enemies, being the Magician of the Cryo Abyss the biggest challenge, so the use of our most outstanding character the Pyro we must equip, when we defeat them all we will go to the village of Qingce, here we have to talk with 3 of the inhabitants to ask him about Liu, we will know in this way that he is located to the east of the village, thus reaching some stairs that take us to the top of a cliff until we find him, we will give him the letter and then we return with Jiyai to give the answer and thus complete this search.

 In conclusion, knowing How to complete Trouble with Letters is excellent because we can advance further in this interesting and moving Genshin Impact.

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