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Angel Marquez
2020-11-26 15:19:04

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With our help, you will see that knowing how to get Strange Cloud Rare is easier than you thought in World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

What to know about Strange Cloud Rare in World of Warcraft Shadowlands?

We will come to find many strange things throughout the new expansion of the game, we will see that in our mini-maps there comes to be a strange nine that when we approach its location we find that it has within it a hidden creature, but also an It has much more inside it, reaching this point requires knowledge of How to get Strange Cloud Rare and for them we will rely on what is offered from now on by the content of this guide.
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How to get Strange Cloud Rare in World of Warcraft Shadowlands?

We must achieve the participation of the cloud in the combat, this requires the use of an AoE that goes towards the earth, which leads us to cast the spells of fire rain and blizzard, managing to make the mob appear. This is carried inside, in the case that we do not have an AoE we must highlight some ways to treat this situation, for it is possible to use the Eyes of the Beast in our pets and get to drag the peat that is in the cloud or also the Spectral View will allow us access to these, very close to this it is possible that they are obtained from the Totems shamans, on the other hand, if the focus is on the AoE attacks we should only be running and casting the spells until they become stunned.

A stun caused by this cloud is possible to avoid if we poison ourselves with the moths that are nearby, thus achieving with its effect to escape from this situation, being able to label the rarities that are inside the cloud if we need to be teleported, killing the enemy and obtaining some rewards for them, being a way to overcome this situation if we fail with the previous options that we have presented, taking into account that no skill is required, once the fog is dispersed We have to meet the Sleeping Emperor, it is a creature from which we will obtain a sleep band, which is a ring with which the enemies that are nearby going to sleep if our health drops to 20 percent. For every 30 minutes is the operation of such effect, a fact to consider to avoid total dependence on it.

 This is how we finish our guide on How to get Strange Cloud Rare, hoping that you can get the best out of World of Warcraft Shadowlands, a very busy game.

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