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Angel Marquez
2020-10-12 15:52:02

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We invite you to discover How to Perfomance a Threaded Through Pass in FIFA 21.

What to know about the threaded pass in FIFA 21?

The first thing to consider is that this option is maintained for this present edition, it is one of the passes that we can use when attacking, with this it is possible to give an effect and deflect the ball, passing through the minimum spaces left by the opposing defenders and so our attackers take advantage of this movement, to know how to Perfomance a Threaded Through Pass, let's go ahead in this guide.

How to Perfomance a Threaded Through Pass in FIFA 21?

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Make a normal pass with the tight triangle on the PS4 or the Y on the Xbox One, with the X also holding the R1 / RB / Y, which allows making a threaded pass, this will lead us to divide the opponent's defenses in two, being ideal for our player to run behind the defense and then make the pass directly, the key buttons on PS4 are R1 and Triangle and on Xbox One RB and Y, while changing later with R and X respectively.

If we make this move too early it is possible that the defense will be able to intercept the ball, if we do it late our attacker will be out of place, which is ideal that when controlling the ball so that our players start running at this moment We are going to tighten the RB / R1 / R, then when we are on the line with the defender we will make the threaded pass and our attacker will arrive with a lot of space to run.

We hope that the information detailed here on How to Perfomance a Threaded Through Pass has been useful to have fun at FIFA 21.

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