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We welcome you to our FIFA 21 guide where we will talk about How to complete Diogo Jota's Ones to Watch objectives.

What to know about Diogo Jota's Ones to Watch goals in FIFA 21?

Starting from the launch of the game we have that there are special cards with the purpose of completing the objectives and SBCs, among which we have those of Digo Jota who is from Liverpool, if we want to add him to our club, we have that among its characteristics it does not present speed that it should and in the goal is not remarkable, but for a start it is something, his weak foot has 5 stars, so some improvements can lead him to be more outstanding, now this will lead us to seek to understand how to complete the objectives Ones to Watch by Diogo Jota and for this we follow the following content.

How to complete Diogo Jota's Ones to Watch objectives in FIFA 21?

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  • Score at least 2 goals for each of the 5 matches using players who are from the Premier League and for this we earn 300 XP
  • Score 10 goals with Premier League players and get 300 XP
  • During 5 games of the squad battle we must attend in one minute, having the difficulty in professional and using the players for one minute, having a 4-star skill and therefore we obtain 300 XP
  • With Portuguese players we have to make assists with the ball during 4 separate rivals' matches and therefore we have 300 XP and 75 strange player
  • Score in 4 separate squad battles on a minimum of professional difficulty when employing players from the NOS league and for this we earn 300 XP, Gold Pack and some to access Jota Loan

Certainly these objectives do not represent a big problem, they are simple to complete taking into account only the fact of the players to be used, taking into account Jota for the corresponding options, even Bruno Fernandes we can use if we have what is necessary in coins and Bernardo Silva can be useful here too, we can complete several objectives instantly using these players, while those of squads we can cover them with Rafa being from the NOS and counting on his 4 stars of the weak foot.

Knowing how to complete Diogo Jota's Ones to Watch objectives is interesting, since it allows us to unwind and have more fun in FIFA 21.

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