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2021-06-21 09:34:58

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FIFA 21 has excellent challenges for us, let's see How to complete the FOF Path to Glory Lucas Hernández.

What is the FOF Phat to Glory Lucas Hernández in FIFA 21?

This is simply another challenge that we recently encountered in this game and it is well worth making the most of it in such a way that knowing How to complete the FOF Path to Glory Lucas Hernández allows us to embark on an interesting festival and in this way get to do part of our squad to the Bayern player.

How to complete the FOF Path to Glory Lucas Hernández in FIFA 21?

This challenge is part of the second week of promotion corresponding to June 18, where it is usually necessary to complete a number of 4 different objectives, it is possible to do them either in "Squad Battles" or in "Rivals", and they are the following:
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Offensive presence: this objective requires scoring the amount of 4 goals in Squad Battles matches with minimal difficulty and, if done in Rivals, use professional difficulty where we get as rewards:


  •  300 XP.
  • 1 gold pack.


 Wide delivery: this objective requires attending 3 different matches, in the case of Squad Battles we can use minimum difficulty, however in the case of Rivals professional difficulty can be used and with this we achieve:


  •  300 XP.
  • 1 Rare Tier 75 Player


 Les Bleus: for this objective it is usually necessary to score with French players and thus achieve 8 victories in the Squad Battalion with minimal difficulty, while doing it with Rivals requires professional difficulty, and with it achieve:


  •  300 XP.
  • 1 Premium Gold Pack.


 Threat of overlap: this objective requires assisting in 12 Squad Battles in minimum difficulty and in this case in Rivals in professional difficulty, it is necessary to have defenders and with this we achieve:


  •  300 XP.
  • 1 Electrum Player Pack.


 Once we finish these objectives we achieve:


  •  300 XP.
  • Lucas Hernández's OVR 90 card.


 It is possible to make use of some formidable French players such as Mbappe, WissamBen Yadder, among others.

 This is everything you need to know about How to complete the FOF Path to Glory Lucas Hernández, so that with this information you can carry out this FIFA 21 challenge extremely quickly.

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