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2021-03-11 07:11:51

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Today we bring you a Fifa 21 guide where we are going to talk to you about the Best MLS team to unlock Bojan, let's see.

What does it mean to unblock Bojan in Fifa 21?

 Simply having the possibility of taking care of completing some interesting challenges, where we are allowed to qualify for the reward where favorable statistics are shown, because knowing the Best MLS team to unlock Bojan leads us to participate in the friendly FUT Obra Master of the Manager and thus access these statistics:

  •  An 84 point reward card.
  • 82 speed.
  • Pass 85.
  • Shot 82.
  • Dribble of 87.

Which is the Best MLS team to unlock Bojan at Fifa 21?

 Before entering the material fully, it is necessary to make it clear that we must achieve the following objectives:

  •  Score the amount of 15 goals using a minimum of 7 MLS players in the starting lineup.
  • Assist 15 using a minimum of 7 MLS players in the starting lineup.
  • Play the amount of 15 games using a minimum of 7 MLS players in the starting lineup.
  • Win the number of 10 games with a minimum of 7 MLS players in the starting lineup.

 With these objectives in Fifa 21 we get interesting rewards, because not only will it be the Bojan card, but it is also possible to incorporate the improvements of the Lima and Long cards that usually present interesting statistics, because knowing which is the Best MLS team to unlock Bojan he makes us work a bit and to give you the details we are here.

 In this sense, it is necessary to consider the following characteristics that we offer below and thus know which is the Best MLS team to unlock Bojan and these are:

Attackers: to get this card it is necessary to have 3 particular attackers because they are quite good, they can perform enough and these are:

Sail: it is balanced, it has statistics of 80, even when it has some drawbacks related to speed, it can have dribbling that makes it get out of trouble, in addition to four-star skills, it is feasible to spend 80,000 coins on this player and get the best of it.

Pavón: has good speed and agility.

Martínez: has speed, because he is a fast attacker which can overcome rivals in Fifa 21.
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Midfielders: here we also have three favorable candidates who can let us know with a little more comfort which is the Best MLS team to unlock Bojan, because even when there are great players it is not possible to involve them all, in this sense we can go for the following:

  • Matuidi: He has a defense stat of 83 and this frustrates opponents.
  • Quintero and Nagbe: These offer speed and agility in order to make attacking plays.
  • Pizarro: although he has some inconveniences to complete passes, he is an excellent option because he offers us speed in Fifa 21t and this makes him worthy of this challenge.

 Defenders: here we must also select an interesting group, even though there may be several candidates that allow us to use to find out which is the Best MLS team to unblock Bojan, since there is the possibility of making substitutions when we consider that we are losing. We must consider only a few, and they are the following:

  •  Adnan: This left back is inconsistent and a weak link, but he usually works well.
  • Cannon: This is another weak left-back player and even though he may not be very fast, he can be favorable to us because he manages to overcome the rivals.
  • Long: This is a strong option for speed and defense.
  • Opara: he is an economic and quite good defender that we can use well, he has a speed of 84 and a physicality of 82.

 Goalkeeper: here if it is something complex because we are not presented with greater options, however, we can use a player on whom it is possible to bet and that allows us to achieve the objectives in Fifa 21.

  •  Vermeer: ​​it can be favorable and allow us to progress.
  • Steffen: this candidate has good reflexes, although it is true that he is not the best, at least he has a chemistry that makes the team actually perform and that if he is favorable.

 There are some reservations and honorable mentions in Fifa 21 for this challenge and these are:

  •  Nani: it is possible to incorporate him to take advantage of the dribble and pass the card even when he is not very fast.
  • Pizarro: This is an option that can replace Nagbe on some occasions.
  • Higuain: It is difficult to adjust the output of this card because it is 60, but it may well be included.

 In general terms, knowing which is the Best MLS team to unlock Bojan is usually made up of diverse players who may not be that great, but who somehow achieve the objectives proposed in Fifa 21.

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