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2021-03-08 10:10:59

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The new challenges in FIFA 21 lead us to explain how to complete What If Matteo Guendouzi.

What to know about What If Matteo Guendouzi in FIFA 21?

This is one of the recent challenges to create a squad with special objectives to complete, which will allow us to obtain an outstanding card with an 87 OVR from the player Matteo Guendouzi who belongs to Hertha Berlin, for this we must enter a live FUT friendly, now to have an idea of How to complete What If Matteo Guendouzi we just have to follow some indications, let's see what it is about next.

How to complete What If Matteo Guendouzi in FIFA 21?

It is necessary to complete 5 different objectives for this challenge, these during the friendly live FUT What If Classic, taking into account the following objectives:

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  • Score 2 goals in 2 different matches with players belonging to the Bundesliga and you get the gold package and 300 XP as a reward.
  • Score with players from the midfield position for 3 separate matches, earning you the small Electrum Player Pack and 300 XP as a reward.
  • Assist 5 goals with players from France, which allows you to earn 75 and 300 XP as a rare player reward.
  • Be victorious in 5 matches, thereby earning the Premium Gold Package and 300 XP as a reward.
  • During 10 different matches, score with players from the Bundesliga, thereby earning the Electrum Player Pack and 300 XP.

Once all 5 objectives are completed, the What If Guendouzi is obtained with the outstanding 87 OVR and 300 XP, taking into account a necessary construction of a team that contains players from 11 different clubs, with players from 3 different leagues, that is ideally keeping in mind that we use attackers from the Bundesliga, such as Targets Alassane Plea, Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich and Jadon Sancho from Dortmund, considering the latter that this is a decent signing for a link with Kieran Trippier of Atlético de Madrid or Trent Alexander- Arnold from Liverpool, where both are English and from different leagues to the Dortmund player, it must be borne in mind that due to the requirements it is not possible to have 2 players who belong to the same team, which does not allow combining Kinglsey Coman / Robert Lewandowski, managing them to include the French if the Munchen player.

Thus, we finalize our guide on How to complete What If Matteo Guendouzi, hoping that you can get the best out of a game as busy as FIFA 21.

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