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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-07 13:47:39

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Today we bring a Dying Light 2 guide where we will tell you how to reduce fall damage.

What is the point of reducing fall damage in Dying Light 2?

  Having the possibility of surviving considering that this game usually takes place in a hostile environment, so that sometimes there is a possibility of receiving a lot of damage, it is necessary to mitigate it, this embarks us on the possibility of reducing the damage caused by the falls to which We can submit while we're running.

How to reduce fall damage in Dying Light 2?

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It is good to be clear that suffering falls from heights is not strange in this game, but it is necessary to make sure that these are not very risky or that we do not suffer serious consequences, although it is true, Parkour skills can also be favorable to us. other ways to make this fall damage can be reduced a lot and for this it is good to take into account:

Executing an active landing is a Parkour skill that we must unlock in order to reduce fall damage, this is usually favorable because it allows us to roll forward and maintain momentum, it will only be enough to execute the high jump to be able to unlock said ability.

Performing a safe landing is another one of Parkpur's abilities and it is usually necessary to unlock it in order to reduce fall damage, only this is an ability that is usually unlocked after the active landing has been unlocked.

Paragliding counts as another method to avoid fall damage, in this sense, having the possibility of having a paraglider can avoid suffering damage at heights.

To land there is nothing more favorable than doing it on the shock absorbers or on the garbage heaps, this will make the fall not so serious.


 Now that you know how to reduce fall damage, it's time to unlock the skills and thus avoid being a victim of catastrophic falls in Dying Light 2.

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