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Today we bring you a Dying Light 2 guide where we will talk to you about whether Should you leave Hakon to die or help him.

What to know about Dying Light 2?

We will find ourselves at a certain point in the game where we will be saved many times by Hakon, being someone who can have our trust, but when we reach the mission called revolution, we are presented with a situation in which our choice is vital, which is seen timed and he will be shot, the options presented is whether Should you leave Hakon to die or help him and for the details follow the next content.

Should you leave Hakon to die or help him in Dying Light 2?

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Starting from Hakon's hideout we see ourselves progressing towards the Central Loop, the moment the door is opened by Hakon he finds himself down with a crossbow shot in the chest, when he is on the ground we discover that Waltz has hired him to kill to Lucas and with that he would start a war, so here you have to choose if you Should you leave Hakon to die or help him in Dying Light 2, the matter is to see what happens depending on the decision we make, because this comes to affect later in the game, then there is to take it into account.


  •  Let him die – In case this is our decision in Dying Light 2, there will be insults before we leave, then a sniper shows up to finish him off, but there are no visual details of this situation as we go through the GRE tunnel, later on there are options that put us to see it again, in case we choose to give the transmission to Frank we will go on a mission where we will face Hakon and we can let Lawan kill him who will enter the scene, if we do not meet him, we will see him at the end when tries to kill Aiden, but Lawan intervenes, ending up injured but still alive.
  • Help him: As for whether you should let Hakon die or help him, we have that with this decision we will have one more point to resolve in the mission, which leads us to look for the sniper to avoid his death, but she explains that she is going for Hakon, upon returning to the location where we left Hakon we will leave, the next thing is that we are told about the hiring of Waltz, now we will go through the GRE tunnel to reach the Central Loop, therefore, when progressing, the opportunity to let Lawan kill him or not and even fight him, if you give the transmitter to Juan or Jak Matt will appear until the end.

 Finally, now that you know what to do if you Should you leave Hakon to die or help him, it is only up to your personal judgment to decide whether to continue progressing in Dying Light 2 in any way.

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