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Edelmira Leon
2022-02-04 02:16:05

More about: Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 is now available and to get you acclimated today we will teach you how to use the paraglider.

What is the paraglider in Dying Light 2?

It is a mobility tool with which you can access areas that otherwise you could not reach, plus it can save you from a fall that otherwise would kill you.

How to use the paraglider in Dying Light 2? - How to find it

The paraglider can be found at Lawan's Rooftop, after reaching the Central Loop in the main story quest.

How to use the paragliderin Dying Light 2?

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To use the parachute when you are in the air what you have to do is press the Square button on PlayStation or X on Xbox to open it. Being outside you will gradually lose resistance, so you will end up in a fall, so you will have to use the parachute to reduce the damage.

The glider control is inverted by default, so when you pull down on the joystick, you will have to lift the nose in the air, which will hold your free fall. Keep in mind that if you don't stabilize you won't get much distance.

While in flight you will be able to see the rising air currents around the earth, these will recharge your energy and take you higher in the sky. While on the ground, you can take advantage of the currents and stand on them to jump into the sky.

You'll be able to upgrade your parachute in Craftsmaster with Military Tech from GRE Crates and Old World Money.

That's all you need to know about how to use the paraglider in Dying Light 2, so now that we've reached the end, we hope you can get the most out of this tool to move much faster in the game.

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