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Angel Marquez
2022-02-03 16:10:35

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We welcome you to our Dying Light 2 guide where we will talk about how to earn more money.

What to know about money in Dying Light 2?

We will depend on it to progress, only we must collect the valuables so that they are sold to the merchants, with which we will add a lot of money, the best way to find the objects is through the corpses of the infected, bandits and hollows dark, now for more details let's see the following.

How to earn more money in Dying Light 2?

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Of all the options to find valuable objects, the dark holes are the best, because rare objects can be seen that will have more value when it comes to selling them, so cultivating them we have that these enemies are dangerous during the day, so that the night is adequate to cross them, considering that the infected will be on the street at night, certainly there will still be only fewer compared to the day, which allows us to access more easily, although we must avoid the infected that are inside from the dark holes.

Immunity boosters will be very useful for resistance at night, we can make them with the blueprint or buy them from merchants, in the dark holes we will find many valuable objects, among which crystals stand out, by selling it we will receive a lot of money.

 This is all there is to know about how to earn more money, applying what you have learned to continue with the fun in Dying Light 2.

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