Angel Marquez
2022-02-03 09:17:58

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Delve into the universe of Dying Light 2 because today we will tell you how to get the UV bar blueprint.

What to know about the UV bar plane in Dying Light 2?

  It is necessary that to obtain it we focus on going to the Bazar shopping center, which will allow us to buy it from Alberto, who is the master craftsman, now for more details that will allow us to obtain, let's continue with the following content.

How to get UV bar plane in Dying Light 2?

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The purchase of this plane requires an amount of money, but if we do not have it, we can endure the night to loot a dark hole and add valuable objects that we can sell, even through the bandits and the infected we can add bracelets, after that we sell the objects to a merchant, it may be in the same place where Alberto is, now having the money we can buy the plan, with this we can go on to manufacture the UV bar, which requires some materials such as 20 scrap metal, 5 resins , 3 pigments and 1 oxidant.

We will be able to find the materials easily, considering that the scrap is everywhere, starting from the infected, loot containers and garbage cans, in the case of the resin we have to cultivate the roof groves, the pigments we depend on the warehouses of homeless people and evacuation convoys, right here we can finally access the oxidizers.

 In conclusion, knowing how to obtain the UV bar plane is excellent because we can go further in this interesting and moving Dying Light 2.

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