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Bugs do not stop appearing in games and Destiny 2 is no exception and today we tell you how to fix problems reading game content

What is the game read problem error in Destiny?

This expansion has taken us a long time and this allows us to explore a bit to the point that we find some bugs, only today we specifically focus on explaining how to fix problems reading the game content, as this seems to be clearly related to the game files, so pay attention to our prompts.

How to fix game content reading problems in Destiny 2?

Before embarking on these solutions, it should be noted that it is possible to take a look at the GPU drivers, because in some cases with many games they require to be updated, which simply leads us to consider reviewing them in advance.

To solve this game reading error it is necessary:
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  • Clear the Steam cache.
  • for this you need to go to Steam.
  • Then go to Settings.

Mobilize us to the downloads tab where we press Clear download caches.

  • Click ok
  • Finally start the game.
  • Choose to verify Destiny 2.
  • Proceed to open our Steam application.
  • Go to game library.
  • Locate Destiny 2.

Then it is necessary to click the right mouse button to display Properties and click there.

Then we must navigate to the local files tab to press the Verify the integrity of the game files.

  • Get it to run the game to check.
  • Check the delicate GPU.
  • You need to open the start menu.
  • Proceed to type Graphics Settings and choose to press Enter.
  • Then it is necessary to press Browse in order to search for Destiny 2.
  • Proceed to select all executable files.
  • Then it is necessary to set the power mode for our GPU that is High Performance.
  • Proceed to launch the game and voila.

A last resort could be said to be opting to reinstall the game, but there is no guarantee that this can actually be favorable so if the previous solutions have not worked for you it is better to contact Bungie support.

Definitely Destiny 2 has presented us some bugs with the most recent update, however, now that you know how to fix problems reading the game content, you can take care of using any of these solutions available to continue the entertainment and if you know another that works, you can share it.

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