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2020-12-01 08:10:34

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The adventure called Genshin Impact is simply interesting so it is worth pointing out where to find loach pearls

What are loach beads in Genshin Impact?

These are simply a necessary resource to achieve the ascension of Childe, because as we enter this game we realize that there are some necessary resources, although it is true we have explored some amount and located resources, there are still many more than We must find, so that it is necessary to know where to find loach pearls, although it is true some may not be usable at the time, thanks to the most recent expansion these have acquired a certain value.

Where to find loach pearls in Genshin Impact?

It is worth mentioning that these pearls will be a necessary object for the next update of Genshin Impact, and this embarks us on a complex enough search since it is not as easily obtained as other materials, since knowing where to find loach pearls we It leads to having to choose to get some lizards and capture them, only that these are usually evasive and to focus on this search it is necessary to do it this way:

First location of Golden Loach:
This leads us to have to go to the southeast area of ​​the Stone Gate route point, once located in the place it is necessary to choose to spawn the point and from there get to jump to the wooden viewpoint, if we notice well It is possible to aim to the right of the water since it is precisely on the right side since there is a rock that needs to be shot while moving towards Dihua Marsh and thus see the loach pearls, so it is necessary to choose for chasing the lizard until it reaches the ground since it is the only way to capture it with some advantage.
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  • Second location of golden loach: we continue our journey to know where to find loach pearls and this leads us to go to the meeting point located in the southwest area of ​​Stone Gate, in such a way that it is necessary to slide a little until we get to observe a Hilichurl that It is found in a raft at Genshin Impact in the Dihua swamp, this is presented to us with a single purpose, to indicate that we are in the right place, so that it will only be necessary to deal with going to the third set of stones in order to achieve our goal .
  • Third location of golden loach: this search takes us to the meeting point northwest of the Statue of the Seven in Dihua Marsh, so our task is to get to the island on the right side where we can see some white bushes and thus get 3 Gold Loach.
  • Fourth location of golden loach: our search to know where to find loach pearls simply continue and this leads us to locate ourselves at the meeting point southeast of the statue of the Seven in Dihua Marh, so that we can locate the lizard that is found looking at the water to the left, because our job is to get to the southeast so that it is possible to go through the rock and the wheelbarrow where we will see an area with water.
  • Fifth golden loach location: to get to this location in Genshin Impact it is necessary to go south at the meeting point near the bridge at the statue of the Seven in Dihua Marsh, as this leads us to continue near where we will find the first golden load , then da search makes us move a little more to where the water is located on the rocks on the left side to find the second, finally we are allowed to go a little south to choose to walk a little until we get to the water to observe the last golden load.
  • Sixth location of golden load: This search makes us have to head southeast at the meeting point of the Statue of the Seven, in such a way that it is necessary to choose to get an island small enough, since there we observe that there are some enemies in one area, however this should not concern us, we can take care of it and choose to take at least about 8 golden Loach.
  • Seventh Golden Load Location: This is the last location on where to find loach pearls that require finding in this quest in Genshin Impact, so that it is necessary to head north east of the meeting point in Wangshu Inn, here we get two loach, to capture them it is necessary to avoid as much as possible that they can go to the water, so we must choose to use an NPC named Huai'an, in addition to focusing on heading to the bridge that usually contains some enemies and choose to land with some rocks in the water close to the ground so we get one loach to be under us and the other close enough to our left.

Now that you know where to find loach pearls, it is important to focus on conducting this search with some patience and dedication, as Genshin Impact has managed to occupy us enough these days.

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