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Our journey through Destiny 2 undoubtedly occupies us and that is why we will tell you how to beat the Locus of Communion.

Who is the place of communion in Destiny 2?

It is the final boss that corresponds to the omen mission, it is a fight in the arena where we will face some obstacles and that if we manage to defeat it we obtain an exotic rifle, which makes it ideal to consider understanding how to defeat the place of communion and for that we see what is offered in the following content.

How to beat the Locus of Communion in Destiny 2?

When this boss appears he will be accompanied by other enemies, our attacks must focus on the boss until he disappears, we must be attentive to the tiles that are under our feet, which will be glowing orange
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    It means that the boss has teleported under the ground, here we will not be able to follow him, we only have to cool the area to be able to go after him, for this we must interact with 3 different consoles, which allows the activation of some bombs of cooling to cool the floor, opening some holes as a result in which we are going to enter, thus reaching the location of the boss, at the end of the room is the first pump, this is precisely where the boss will appear, there is a certain time for the activation of this bomb, so we must prevent enemies from being close. In the case of the second bomb we have it in the room to our right, once we turn around where we find the first one, it is necessary that we have resistance or healing options, because the room will remain very hot, and we will receive some damage, now The last of the bombs is at the far end, this by the entrance of the room, once we have activated the 3 bombs, we will see how the level below turns blue and with that going down it will be possible to face the boss, we will certainly reach a place with a lot of disadvantage, here we can receive a lot of damage, it is important that we cause the boss enough damage to reduce the health bar, until it reaches the third one, which causes the heating to turn on again, then we will make the jump to the other level and repeat the whole process again until we manage to beat it.

    We can finish our guide on How to beat the Locus of Communion and thereby continue to progress in Destiny 2.

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