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Navigate the Where to find the well in Dead Island 2 Haus and locate the life-giving well with ease.

Welcome, survivors! In this guide, we will show you how to locate the well in Dead Island 2: Haus DLC. Prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure filled with burning zombies, bloaters, and intense combat. Let's dive right into it!

Where to find the well in Dead Island 2 Haus

Step 1: Ignite the Statues

To begin your quest for the well, you must first enter the artificial forest. As you navigate through the dense foliage, keep an eye out for two statues surrounded by cremated bodies. These statues hold the key to your progress.

Once you've located the statues, you'll need to ignite them. To do this, you can use throwable items or fire-capable weapons. Aim carefully and unleash your fiery arsenal upon the statues. As the flames engulf the statues, be prepared for the appearance of burning zombies and bloaters.

It's important to note that using a weapon with burning stats at this stage will not be effective against these fiery foes. Instead, choose a weapon without burning stats to effectively fight them off. Dispatch them swiftly and continue on your journey.

Step 2: Follow the Mission Indicator

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After igniting the statues, proceed towards the end of the forest while keeping a close eye on the mission indicator. This indicator will guide you towards your next destination and help you navigate through the treacherous landscape.

As you make your way through the forest, you'll come across a previously obstructed door that won't grant you access to the well. Don't fret! Follow the updated mission indicator that will lead you to the middle of the forest where your next challenge awaits.

Step 3: Eliminate Zombies in the Designated Arena

As you reach the middle of the forest, you'll find a designated arena area indicated on your map. This arena is where you must prove your mettle and eliminate a total of 20 zombies. It's crucial to note that only kills within this specific arena will count towards unlocking the gate leading to the well.

Prepare your weapons and hone your combat skills as you face off against wave after wave of relentless undead. The key to success in this arena is dispatching the zombies efficiently and swiftly. Utilize your arsenal of weapons, employ tactical strategies, and make every shot count.

Step 4: Unlocking Access to The Well

Once you've dispatched all 20 zombies inside the designated arena, it's time to return to the gate that was previously locked. Congratulations! Your perseverance and skill have paid off as the gate now unlocks, granting you access to both the well and further progression in your storyline.

By following these friendly guidelines, you should now be able to successfully find and unlock access to The Well in Dead Island 2: Haus DLC. Remember to stay vigilant and prepared for any challenges that lie ahead as you continue your journey. Good luck, survivors!

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