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Master the art of How to Do Flip Reset in Rocket League and dominate the game with our comprehensive guide.

If you're looking to take your Rocket League skills to the next level, mastering the flip reset is a great way to impress your opponents and score some incredible goals. This advanced move involves flipping your car upside-down and hitting the ball with all four wheels. In this guide, we'll break down the steps involved in performing a flip reset and provide some helpful tips along the way. So, grab your controller and let's get started!

How to Do Flip Reset in Rocket League

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself with Air Dribbling

Before attempting a flip reset, it's important to have a solid understanding of air dribbling. This technique allows you to maintain control of the ball while in mid-air, making it easier to set up for a successful flip reset. If you're not confident in your air dribbling skills yet, spend some time practicing until you feel comfortable.

Air dribbling involves hitting the ball into the air and then maneuvering your car to keep it balanced on top of your car as you move towards your opponents' goal. This technique requires precise control and coordination, as well as a good understanding of how the ball reacts to your movements.

To practice air dribbling, start by hitting the ball into the air and then boost towards it. As the ball comes down, position your car underneath it and use small adjustments to keep it balanced on top. This will help you develop the necessary skills for executing a flip reset.

Step 2: Pushing the Ball Towards the Wall

To begin setting up for a flip reset, start by pushing the ball toward one of the walls on the field. The goal here is to create an opportunity where you can hit the brakes and create a gap between your car and the ball.

Position yourself behind the ball and use your boost to hit it towards the wall. The angle and speed at which you hit the ball will depend on your positioning and the direction you want it to go. Aim to hit the ball with enough force to make it bounce off the wall, but not too hard that it goes flying away.

Step 3: Hit the Brakes and Catch Up

Just as you approach the ball near the wall, hit the brakes to come to a sudden stop. This will create that crucial gap needed for executing a successful flip reset. Use your boost wisely during this momentary pause to catch up with the ball.

Timing is crucial in this step. You want to hit the brakes just as you are about to make contact with the ball. This will create a small gap between your car and the ball, allowing you to set up for the flip reset.

Step 4: Utilize Ball Cam for Precision

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Switching from car cam to ball cam is essential for maintaining better control during a flip reset attempt. It provides a clearer view of both your car and the ball, allowing you to make precise adjustments while executing this advanced move.

By using ball cam, you can keep the ball in sight at all times, making it easier to position your car and make the necessary adjustments. It may take some time to get used to ball cam, but with practice, it will become second nature.

Step 5: Tap Brakes Again for Another Gap

After touching or grazing the ball lightly, quickly tap the brakes again to create another gap between your car and the ball. This split-second maneuver will give you the necessary space to perform a successful flip reset.

The second tap of the brakes is important to create a gap between your car and the ball. This gap will allow you to flip your car upside-down and hit the ball with all four wheels.

Step 6: Jump, Boost, and Air Roll Simultaneously

Now comes the exciting part! As you approach the ball with a small gap, it's time to execute a seamless combination of jumping, boosting, and air rolling. Timing is key here, so practice this sequence until it becomes second nature.

To execute a flip reset, you need to jump, boost, and air roll at the same time. Jump by pressing the jump button, boost by holding down the boost button, and air roll by using the air roll button or joystick. The timing of these actions is crucial, so it's important to practice until you can do them seamlessly.

Step 7: Tilt Forward and Hit the Ball

As you execute the jump, boost, and air roll combination, tilt your car forward to make contact with the ball using all four wheels. Aim for precision and try to hit it at just the right moment for maximum power and accuracy.

To hit the ball with all four wheels, you need to tilt your car forward as you make contact. This will ensure that all four wheels hit the ball and give you the maximum power and accuracy.

Step 8: Practice Makes Perfect

Like any advanced move in Rocket League, mastering the flip reset requires practice. Dedicate regular sessions to perfecting each step individually before attempting them all together. Break down the process into smaller parts like pushing the ball until half-pipe or practicing jump, boost, and air roll simultaneously.

Start by practicing each step individually. Work on your air dribbling, pushing the ball towards the wall, hitting the brakes, and executing the jump, boost, and air roll combination. Once you feel comfortable with each step, start putting them together and practicing the flip reset as a whole.

With determination and practice, you'll soon be able to perform flip resets effortlessly in Rocket League. Remember to maintain a friendly attitude throughout your training journey as mistakes are natural and part of growth. So keep pushing yourself, have fun on the field, and get ready to leave your opponents in awe with your impressive flip reset skills! Mastering the flip reset is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. It will take time and effort to become proficient, but with dedication and practice, you'll be able to add this advanced move to your arsenal. So grab your controller, hit the field, and start practicing those flip resets!

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