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Discover How To Get Silver In Return To Moria, the ultimate guide for players seeking wealth in this epic online game.

Welcome to our friendly guide on how to obtain silver in the Lower Deeps area of Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria. In this guide, we will walk you through the necessary steps and resources required to mine silver and craft a First Age Pickaxe. So grab your mining gear and let's get started!

Moria, a vast underground city in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth, is known for its rich mineral resources. Silver, in particular, is highly sought after by adventurers and craftsmen alike. The Lower Deeps, a treacherous and challenging region within Moria, is where silver can be found. However, before you can start mining, you will need to repair the Crystal Causeway, find Ihraz Granite mineral deposits, and craft a First Age Pickaxe.

How To Get Silver In Return To Moria

Repairing the Crystal Causeway:

To access the Lower Deeps, you first need to repair the Crystal Causeway. This ancient pathway has been damaged over time and requires 30 Natural Fibers and 15 Black Diamonds to be restored. Natural Fibers can be obtained by gathering plants and vegetation in the surrounding areas, while Black Diamonds can be found through exploration or by trading with other players. Once you have collected these resources, head to the Crystal Causeway and initiate the repair process. This will open up the path to the Lower Deeps, where silver awaits.

Mining Ihraz Granite for Mineral Deposits:

Once you've reached the Lower Deeps, your next task is to locate Ihraz Granite mineral deposits. These deposits are known to contain silver and other valuable minerals. To find them, navigate through the intricate tunnels and caverns of the Lower Deeps. Keep an eye out for shimmering rocks and veins that indicate the presence of Ihraz Granite. While navigating the treacherous terrain can be challenging, the rewards are well worth it.

Before attempting to mine the Ihraz Granite, ensure that you have a suitable pickaxe. A basic pickaxe will not suffice for this task. You will need to craft a more powerful tool - the First Age Pickaxe.

Crafting a First Age Pickaxe:

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To mine silver successfully, you'll need a First Age Pickaxe. This special tool not only allows you to extract minerals more efficiently but also provides a higher chance of obtaining rare resources.

To craft a First Age Pickaxe, you will need the following materials:

  • Steel Ingots: Obtain steel ingots by mining iron ore and coal in nearby areas or by trading with local blacksmiths. Iron ore can be found in abundance throughout Moria, while coal can be obtained by mining coal deposits or trading with resourceful miners.
  • Ubasam Wood: Ubasam wood is a rare and sturdy material found in the depths of Moria. It can be looted from enemies or obtained by harvesting fallen trees in the region. Keep a keen eye out for fallen trees as they often provide a rich source of Ubasam wood.
  • Black Diamond: Black diamonds, known for their rarity and beauty, can be found while exploring the Lower Deeps or traded with other adventurers. Search the nooks and crannies of the caverns, and you may stumble upon these precious gems.
  • Gem Cutter: To shape and polish the black diamond, you will need a gem cutter. Craft a gem cutter at a Forge in your Hearth's area using available resources. If you don't have a Forge, you can find one in the nearby settlements or trade with skilled craftsmen.

Once you have gathered all the necessary ingredients for crafting your First Age Pickaxe, head back to your Forge in your Hearth's area. Combine the steel ingots, Ubasam wood, black diamond, and gem cutter using your crafting skills. The process may take some time and effort, but the resulting First Age Pickaxe will greatly enhance your mining capabilities.

Final Steps:

With your newly crafted First Age Pickaxe in hand, return to the Lower Deeps and locate the Ihraz Granite mineral deposits. Use your pickaxe to mine the deposits and extract silver. Remember, mining is a skill that requires patience and precision. Strike the rocks with caution, and you will be rewarded with valuable silver ore.

As you mine silver, be on the lookout for other rare resources and valuable gems that may be hidden within the Ihraz Granite. These additional finds can further enhance your crafting abilities and unlock new opportunities within the game.

Congratulations! You now have all the information needed to obtain silver in Return to Moria. Remember to repair the Crystal Causeway, find Ihraz Granite mineral deposits, and craft a First Age Pickaxe to mine silver effectively. Don't forget to enjoy the journey and have fun defeating bosses and enemies along the way. Happy mining! Mining silver in the Lower Deeps is not only a lucrative endeavor but also an exciting and immersive experience. The depths of Moria hold many secrets and challenges, so be prepared for unexpected encounters and thrilling adventures. As you traverse the treacherous tunnels, remember to take breaks, restock your supplies, and strategize your next move. With determination, skill, and a trusty First Age Pickaxe, you will become a master miner in no time. Good luck, and may your mining endeavors be fruitful!

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