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Angel Marquez
2020-10-19 03:44:48

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We invite you to discover how to complete the Ghostbusters challenge, a new task in BitLife.

What is the Ghostbusters Challenge in BitLife about?

  By time limit we have available the ghostbusting challenge, which will lead us to perform different tasks in order to complete it, considering the requirements such as living in the United States or emigrating here, being an exorcist and with this perform a total of 10 exorcisms in our houses that will be haunted, but there are certainly more details to consider and the following content explains how to complete the Ghostbusters challenge, let's follow it closely.
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How to complete the Ghostbusters challenge in BitLife?

 Deciding that our character begins in the United States helps us to meet the first of the requirements, or simply to meet the age of 18 to emigrate to this country, considering that to emigrate it must have an impeccable, totally clean record, being necessary for years to be keep working may be of help, after this be an exorcist, for which we will look in the occupation menu and considering that for this there is no special requirement, we just have to wait for it to be available if it does not appear, only as a factor is the age of 18 years, when accepting it the most complicated thing is the purchase of the houses to which we must perform the 10 exorcisms so they must be haunted, in the health of the house it is possible to notice it in the real estate market, the The key is 10 spirits to exorcise them, this means that it is not necessary that there be 10 houses, to do so we just have to click on the house that is haunted in the assets menu, we select l the spirits and the next step is to try to eliminate them, this is something random, it may take us many tries and we can always try many more times.

 Knowing how to complete the Ghostbusters challenge is interesting, since it allows us to develop and have more fun in BitLife.

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