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2024-04-22 20:10:39

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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to complete the Element Master challenge in BitLife.

The week of the Element Master Challenge has arrived in BitLife! This week, you will have the opportunity to become the Master of the 4 elements.

You will learn to sucar through the skies, cross the water, dig in the earth and you will even be able to fight with fire and you will go from being just a child in Nepal to growing up and becoming the Great Master of the 4 elements. You will even find love with your best friend.

Do you think you have everything you need to complete this challenge? If so, come with us and find out!

How To Complete the Master of the Elements Challenge in BitLife.

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Objectives and Strategies:

  • 1. Born Male in Nepal: Begin by starting a new custom life. Select your desired gender (male) and country (Nepal). The remaining customization options (place, special talent, appearance, and attributes) are at your discretion.
  • 2. Jet Ski Purchase and Ride: Amassing sufficient funds is crucial for this objective. Prioritize academic excellence by consistently choosing "Study Harder" during school years. Pursue a high-paying career path like doctor, lawyer, or movie star after graduation. Once financially secure, navigate to the "Assets" tab, select "Go Shopping," and acquire a jet ski. To complete this step, utilize the "Ride" option within the jet ski menu.  
  • 3. Aircraft Purchase and Flight: Similar to the jet ski, significant financial resources are necessary. Consider the aforementioned high-income careers. When finances permit, visit the "Assets" tab and choose "Go Shopping" to purchase an aircraft. The most cost-effective options include helicopters, gliders, or propeller planes. Obtaining a Pilot's License is mandatory for legal flight. Enroll in Flight School for 40 hours and successfully pass the licensing exam. With the license acquired, select your aircraft in the "Assets" tab and choose "Fly" to fulfill this objective.
  • 4. Construction Worker and Firefighter Roles: Head to the "Occupation" tab and select "Jobs." Ideally, you'll find "Construction Worker" or "Firefighter" listed. Due to the occasional absence of these specific roles, closing and restarting the BitLife app can refresh the job listings.
  • 5. Marrying Your Best Friend: Navigate to the "Relationships" tab. Locate your best friend from the list comprising family, friends, and pets. Strengthen your bond by spending time together, offering compliments and gifts, and engaging in conversations. Over time, the option to propose will appear. Plan the wedding and successfully marry your best friend to complete this final objective. 

This is everything you need to know about How to Complete the Element Master Challenge in BitLife. Follow our guide and find out if you have what it takes to become the Master of the 4 elements. Test your abilities and have fun in the process.

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