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We invite you to discover How to fight with someone in BitLife and expand your knowledge.

How to fight with someone in BitLife

Punching Your Way Through BitLife Prisons

While BitLife doesn't exactly encourage fisticuffs on the streets, there are ways to unleash your inner warrior within the confines of the prison yard. This guide will equip you for virtual brawls and completing challenges like the "Guilty Grandpa."

The Arena: Prison Yard Throwdowns

Unlike the free world, prison yards offer the only opportunity to pick fights. So, if you're itching for a scrap, you'll need to get incarcerated first. Thankfully, petty crimes like grand theft auto, burglary, or pickpocketing will do the trick without landing you a life sentence.

Choosing Your Opponent: Inmate Selection

Once you're behind bars, head over to the "Prison Activities" tab. This is where you can find your fellow inmates and pick your battle. Browse the list and select the unfortunate soul you want to challenge.

Fight Night: Initiating Combat

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With your target chosen, the "Attack" option appears. This is your fight starter pistol. But before you unleash a flurry of virtual punches, consider the kind of beatdown you want to deliver.

Levels of Punishment: From Jabs to Haymakers

Feeling vengeful? Go for the "Punch" or "Kick" options to inflict serious injuries. If you just want to ruffle some feathers, "Pinch" or "Poke" will provide a minor annoyance. Remember, these actions come with potential consequences – getting beat up yourself is always a possibility!

Important Considerations: Friends, Family, and Frustration

While you can throw down with inmates, keep your hands off friends and family. BitLife doesn't allow for that kind of drama. But if a loved one is getting on your nerves, the "Insult" option is always there to vent your frustration.

Fighting for Challenge Glory

Engaging in prison yard brawls can be more than just cathartic. Completing challenges like the "Guilty Grandpa" often requires a certain number of fights. So, if you're looking to conquer those challenges, using this guide to rack up victories (or at least survive the fights) will be essential.

In conclusion, knowing how to fight with someone in BitLife allows us to become experienced fighters.

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