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2024-04-16 21:14:38

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We have made a guide where we will explain how to complete the Sterling Spy challenge in BitLife, let's see.

What is the Sterling Spy Challenge in BitLife?

Another activity that is part of this game of building virtual characters and manipulating their lives from start to finish, which is why it is ideal to know How to complete the Sterling Spy challenge in BitLife, let's see, here we have the reins of our work, career and relationships, and make all the decisions, challenges are periodically presented to us here, and the latest is the Sterling Spy Challenge.

How to complete the Sterling Spy challenge in BitLife?

There are several tasks that we must complete to successfully complete the Sterling Spy Challenge:

Born as a woman in the bustling city of New York.

The initial task is quite simple, we must create a character in the character creation section and select "woman" as gender, along with "New York" as our character's hometown. As we progress in life, we focus on education and achieving a lucrative career. This is vital for the next step, as you will need a considerable amount of money to become a CEO.

  Achieve the coveted title of CEO.

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It is important to become a CEO in the virtual world of Bitlife, you need more than just a college degree. To move up the corporate ladder, we will navigate to the Jobs menu and look for positions labeled "Corporate." Once hired, we will diligently increase our character's work hours to advance his career. Typically, you will start as an assistant vice president, then work your way up to vice president, executive vice president, general manager, and finally CEO.

Establish a covert spy agency disguised as a laundromat.

BitLife offers the option to start our own spy agency, to do this we will go to the "Activities" section, select "Secret Agent" and choose "Laundry" from the available options. We must keep in mind that we must purchase the Secret Agent package before embarking on this career path.

  Successfully steal over $5 million from a single rival spy agency.

To truly dominate the world of espionage and amass a fortune, we will need to hack the servers of rival agencies and steal their funds, we must navigate to the "Activities" section once again, and choose "Secret Agent", then "Infiltrate" and select a target agency. We will follow a mini-game that will challenge us to solve puzzles to successfully hack the servers. We don't have to do this in one go, we will take some time and keep trying until we have enough cash.

Order your spies to eliminate at least three of your former romantic partners.

We must have a team of qualified agents, this involves recruiting agents, once again, we will go to the "Activities" tab and click on "Agent Recruitment". We carefully select people with the necessary skills and experience and proceed to assign them to assassinate our ex-lovers. In this challenge, we must eliminate at least three old loves with the help of our trusted spies.

If you follow these steps on How to Complete the Sterling Spy Challenge in BitLife, you can successfully and quickly complete another interesting task.

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