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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-19 14:25:48

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Genshin Impact has come to occupy us for a long time and this allows us to tell you where to find the prince

Who is the prince in Genshin Impact?

This is nothing more than Margaret's black expense and it is our task to find it since it has decided to flee and hide, which leads us to have to embark on the search called Margaret's longing, although it is true this search is enough Girl, it involves Margaret on the one hand because she is the owner and she has some fish to help us, on the other hand there is Venti, who asks to find the cat since Estele has roped the astral iron ropes with an anemic infusion that is very useful for his lyre.

Knowing where to find the prince allows us to be part of a small enough search, especially since this is an open world where we can possibly find more complex tasks, it is a task that can be done with Jean only that it will not be possible since it is full of occupations which leads us to consider the traveling twin for work.

Where to find the prince in Genshin Impact?

This is a task that leads us to move to Mosdtadt, the advantage is that we have several ways to observe the cat, for which it is necessary to make use of the Elemental View and ensure that it can fall into one of these strategies that The following describes why otherwise we would have to start the whole process again.
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  • Use the interaction button when we are close enough.
  • Lure him with the fish Margaret has given us.
  • Sneak up on the cat, and walk as slowly as possible, then we freeze when the cat turns to look at us

Once we have completed the search for the prince we can get some rewards such as:

  • 30 adventure points.
  • 4 Mystic upgrade ore.
  • 18,000 arrears.
  • 2 Hero's Wit.

Definitely, knowing where to find the prince is a necessary but interesting task that we can and must do in Genshin Impact.

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