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We welcome you to our BitLife guide where we will talk about How to be an exorcist.

What to know about BitLife?

  There are many races available in this game, where we will get to look for any of these to complete the different challenges that we will have with these, some require luck and some parameters, taking into account that the success of not always getting in these, now we have the opportunity to solve How to be an exorcist, for which we must bear in mind that it does not require studies to carry out this career, just wait for the availability of the option, for more details let's move on.
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    How to be an exorcist in BitLife?

     It is a game option that will lead us to something annoying, it could be said as being an exorcist, it happens randomly is access to this job, in the part that tells us about the occupation we can find it in the job list, It is possible that we will see time pass until it is available, in this way it is possible to complete the ghost hunting challenge in the game, as soon as the option is available we must accept it, considering the need not to have any criminal record that avoids This work, the local church will give us the job, without depending on a formal education, once we are 18 and leave high school we will be able to accept it, then with hard and daily work we will get the money, which is Career does not impact as such, so that we win is important, in the first years everything is complicated, if we buy at least one each moderate it is possible that it is haunted and therefore eliminate We are the ghosts by clicking on it, we choose the spirits and seek an agreement or exorcise them, this can be done at various times of the year, so if we fail we can do it again.

     In this way we finish our BitLife guide, now you know how to be an exorcist, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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