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2024-04-18 13:45:44

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We bring you an explanatory and very complete guide on How to become a CEO in BitLife.

What to know about becoming CEO at BitLife?

This is another challenge that we encounter in this game and that usually offers us some interesting activities to do, knowing how to become a CEO in BitLife, is part of these tasks, we must dedicate education and some tactics to achieve high goals.

How to become a CEO in BitLife?

In the game, some bad decisions can easily derail our success, so prioritizing is key if you aspire to be CEO, this is a journey that takes us to the top and can take up most of our character's life and, at the same time, Often, it ends just before we can retire. It should be noted that education is the basis of our career, so we must prepare for the future.

To become CEO, we must:

  • Dedicate ourselves to schooling and excel in our studies.
  • Enroll in college where we select a business major such as marketing, finance, or economics.
  • If we are worried about funds, a high Intelligence statistic can increase our chances of receiving a scholarship.
  • Once we graduated, we applied to a business school and completed the program to qualify for corporate positions.

What are the graduate jobs in BitLife?

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Receiving our graduation credentials, the next step is to seek employment within the designated "Corporate" sector. These roles will lead to a future of mundane corporate tasks. However, with dedication and advancement, one can achieve the prestigious title of CEO before retiring. These jobs can be:

  • Senior business, operations or financial analyst
  • Associate Vice President (15 years of corporate experience prerequisite)
  • Vice president
  • Executive vice-president
  • Managing Director
  • CEO

By pursuing positions in the full-time job pipeline, the path to promotion will be accelerated, possibly several years shaved off the path to the CEO position. Rising to this esteemed role typically takes several decades in BitLife, but at least we can hope for a comfortable retirement and enjoying our time.

We conclude this guide on How to become a CEO in BitLife, follow the steps to get to the top, try it.

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