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2020-10-19 07:33:12

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Genshin Impact has come to entertain us enough and therefore it is necessary to tell you how to use rabbit jump to run faster

Why use bunny hop to run faster in Genshin Impact?

This is undoubtedly a necessary task and that in a way it is gaining importance, this is because we are in an open world that allows us to explore a number of areas, since it is not only possible to slide or teleport, but also It is interesting to run, for which it is vital to do the bunny hop, in such a way that this ends up becoming a fast way of traveling, in such a way that knowing how to use bunny hop to run faster serves as an interesting option, and more common than we could all imagine.
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How to use bunny jump to run faster in Genshin Impact?

It is necessary to understand that doing it allows us to achieve that the characters can reach an excellent speed, just by pressing the jump button, which allows us to have the possibility of making some consecutive jumps until reaching the bunny hop to the point that it becomes especially powerful considering doing it with characters like Venti, Lisa or Qiqi.

Not all the characters with whom we can mobilize throughout this game are usually feasible to perform the bunny hop, as some may be somewhat more complex, such as Diluc, who will hardly be able to achieve the jump trick, which It leads us to consider some characters that can be a little more agile and with them be able to run, since this is usually an excellent alternative to move through the cliffs.

The bunny hop should not be something strange, since there are other games where it has been carried out, an example of them is Apex Legends, because they are jumps that allow us to have the possibility to choose between a fast jump and a heavy one to achieve a single goal.

Now that you know how to use bunny hop to run faster, make sure to give it as much functionality as possible in Genshin Impact.

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