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The action in Biomutant does not stop, so today we are going to explain where to find all the characters.

What to know about the characters in Biomutant?

The existing variety is very prominent for those with whom we will be able to interact as we progress and even handle them, to have an idea of where to find all the characters it is ideal to follow the indications that will be presented in this guide below.

Where to find all the characters in Biomutant?

We can access a group of secondary missions knowing where to find all the characters, managing to earn rewards, considering in turn that there is a link with the story, so they cannot be lost, even those found in the dark spots in Biomutant We must know why they influence in the end, we can win up to a trophy once we locate the 23 characters and interact with them, now we see the following details:
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    • Lump: to the southeast of the map by the area marked outdoors.
    • Jumble: behind a counter in the store near the river.
    • Chu-Chu: you have to go near the river as part of the history in Chugdepot.
    • Gulp: in a cabin that is in Sinkidink we solve for this one where to find all the characters by using a boat after completing the Gumquacks mission.
    • Gizmo: we find this one at Biomutant in the Chugyard going down the elevator, going left.
    • Nova: inside the guard post we are going to find it, passing the passage that puts us in the elevator, and we arrive at the upper level where it is.
    • Honki: between Suburbia and Verpfields is, what comes to be the center of the map, in a place called Dum's Goods, we have to go up to the house at the top.
    • Klick: on the marked map.
    • Chubsa: next to Sparkplant outside his house.
    • Boom: you have to go to the right of Deadzone to find it under the electrical tower.
    • Cut: you have to look for the Spurftop area that is located in the southeast of Suburbia, finding a giant broken hand.
    • Moog: at the top of the mountain that is in Steepdeepo.
    • Juju: in Faraway.
    • Wolf: in the Blimpstation area, it is located to the right of the Deddorizum of sludge, entering an enclosure to go through a hole where the hot air balloon is located, when jumping this we find it in Biomutant.
    • Maya: Southeast of the Mushimosh region is the hex hut zone.
    • Sun: in the area of ​​the bio nucleus 10k there is a bridge near the river, with the use of the airship we arrived with this character.
    • Myth: on the edge of the road.
    • Noko: in the Goat Pen area in a camp.
    • Whiz - At the top of Murk Puff Place to the northwest of the map where the Surgesurf factory is.
    • Gill: seeing where to find all the characters we have to start from the place where Whiz was to go to the top of the smoke foundry to get to Burblebottom, being this outside his house.
    • Out of time: in the place where the tree of life is located there is an area called The Belowabove here he is sitting in a wheelchair.
    • Pebble: On a hill during a climbing mission on the right of Knack Hill.
    • Goop: you have to go to the Subnautica station to the right of Bricktown, we have it on the metal bridge located here.

    In this way we finish our Biomutant guide, now you know where to find all the characters, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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