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If you are one of those who wonder where to find the sundial in Biomutant, in the following article you will find everything you need to know about it.

What are Biomutant sundials?

It is a set of four riddles (sundials), which you can find throughout the game world and which you can solve when the sun rises. But don't worry about anything, because here we will tell you where to find the sundial.

Where to find the sundial in Biomutant?

When the sun rises you will have to interact with the sundial to align the shadow with the sundial and solve the puzzle. You can find each watch in different locations which we detail below.
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    The Zone 7 sundial can be found by entering the zone> when the sun is between the pillars it will cast a shadow on the dial> what you have to do is turn the dial to match the shadow, and you can see the light to mark a location on the map at coordinates X: -159925, Y: -56719 near Sector 8E. In this place you will have to interact with the scribble stone to reveal a hidden area where you will have to clean the Nono Nest to get a reward.

    For the Zone 7G sundial, you will also have to access the clock zone and solve the third clock by aligning the shadow with the clock. The next location is at the coordinates X: -109893, Y: -140310 in Sector 7F, where you will have to interact with the scribble stone to unlock the hidden area that you will have to clear for more rewards.

    For the Zone 9F sundial you will have to head north, where you will have to repeat the process to activate the dial. The new location will be near Sector 9F, at coordinates X -242140, Y: -146400, where you will have to interact with Scribble Stone and clear the hidden area to obtain the respective reward.

    For the last one you will have to go east in the 6K sector, where you will find the sundial to repeat the process for the last time and the location revealed is in the X coordinates; -84640, and: -334001, where you will have to interact with the scribble stone and clear the area to get the last reward of the puzzle.

    That's all you have to know about where to find the sundial in Biomutant, we hope our guide has been very useful, and you can access all the locations without problem and get each reward that the puzzle has for you.

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