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This time we return with a Biomutant guide, aiming to explain how to use the light aura and the dark aura.

What to know about the light aura and the dark aura in Biomutant?

These are two different directions, where some just decisions accompany the light aura and the evils the dark aura, which has a great impact on our performance according to the path we take, it turns out to be the personality that will characterize our character, now to know how to use the light aura and the dark aura we have the precise guidance in the content of this guide, let's see it.

How to use light aura and dark aura in Biomutant?

There will be a couple of inner voices that will help in the control of our aura, one is black and the other white, it is as if it were the good and the bad, while we make decisions they will be tilted somewhere passing through the light, some light and maximum light, darkness, some darkness and maximum darkness, turning out to be the progress of each type of aura that we have in Biomutant.
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    The clear aura points are going to be obtained by responding affirmatively to peaceful decisions, of help and everything related to good actions, in the case of the dark aura it is the opposite, the dark, cruel and bad gaining dark aura points, the affectations in our aura are presented when considering the wild life, the captives, the temples, the public events of prisoners and the dialogue, in turn, a childish aura will be present from our character separated from the game, which has to do with the In childhood, in the same way, according to the decisions, the aura points are earned, through this we come to have powers that are linked with the corresponding aura.

    With the dark aura our abilities are:

    • Sizzleball: Psi x4 points and dark aura x10
    • Telekinesis: Psi x10 points and dark aura x20
    • Skyspark: Psi x18 points and dark aura x30

    With the clear aura our abilities are:

    • Freeze: Psi x6 points and clear aura x10
    • Levitate: Psi x10 points and clear aura x20
    • Ki Spark: Psi x16 points and clear aura x309

    Knowing in the end how to use the light aura and the dark aura we have that the result in the conclusion of the game is that the tree of life with the light aura will be saved and with the dark aura the tree will die.

    Now that you know how to use the light aura and the dark aura, just do it and continue to enjoy what is offered by Biomutant.

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