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Now that Biomutant has been released, it is worth knowing how to Unlock Automaton Functions, so with this guide you will learn how to do it.

What is an Automaton in Biomutant?

It is a small robot with the appearance of a grasshopper that has been with you since you were a child, although at that time it only had a flashlight capacity, it actually has several functions that you will have to unlock, including Turret, Boost and others. .

How to Unlock Automaton Functionsin Biomutant?
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    The functions are unlocked by "defeating the Mirage", a series of short missions that you will find as you enter the game world. You will know that you have found one because a mutant creature with a flashlight will appear and the mission will begin.

    It's like a flashback where you have to face your fears by beating a young warrior into submission. Regardless of the end result, you will receive an upgrade point to unlock an Automata role.

      Thus ends this guide on how to Unlock Automaton Functions in Biomutant, which we hope has been as useful as possible so that you can unlock all possible functions.

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