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2021-05-25 09:22:05

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There are various actions to perform in Biomutant and this makes it convenient to talk to you about How to get more money.

What is the money called in Biomutant?

 This game, like all of them, usually has a type of currency that is usually necessary for the purchase of objects, in this particular case it is usually called "Green", with it there is the possibility of buying improved weapons and other quantity of artifacts that can be used.

How to get more money in Biomutant?

 It is necessary to get a good amount of green in order to access weapons and why not to modify them when we consider necessary, in this sense, we must bear in mind that to achieve this it is vital to find a "Green Leaf" plant, these are actually plants of orange leaves with a loop of green leaves in the center, in such a way that when getting the Green Leaf plant it will only be enough to walk towards it and jump through the loop to collect the leaf, it is a task that must be done It regulates this because each time we do it we are allowed to achieve a total of 350 greens.

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This was mentioned above is not the only option to get money, in such a way that it is possible:

  •  Sell ​​some old equipment and in this way get more green.
  •  It is possible to help the tribe to conquer a new territory. We get access to some vendors that can be installed here, these are found randomly, there is the possibility of interacting with them to buy products.
  •  There is the possibility of selling a weapon or armor that we are not using right now and see the amount of green that we get for it next to the name of the object in our inventory.
  •  It is favorable to increase the amount of green, product of the sale of objects, which allows to raise the level charisma and therefore this increase the barter in order to get more green for sales, in the same way to achieve a reduction for purchases.

 Now that you know how to get more money, it is time to carry out any of these mentioned actions and get as much green as possible in Biomutant

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