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Delve into the universe of Knockout City because today we are going to tell you how to win on the Galaxy Burger map.

What to know about Knockout City?

We are in a game where it is important to have the most appropriate strategies to achieve victory and the highest rank that allows us to take the best rewards, so tactics are of great help, only that being alone can be one This is a very complicated task, so it is important to know the best methods to perform better on the different maps, so to know how to win on the Galaxy Burger map it is ideal to consider the details that will be presented to us from here on in this guide, let's see them.

How to win on the Galaxy Burger map in Knockout City?

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    • The revolving restaurant: regarding How to win on the Galaxy Burger map we can use the fact that everything is kept rotating on the outside what surrounds the map, being ideal then to follow our enemy to the central area to catch him, also the use from the central platform becomes ideal for defense and deceit towards our enemies, thus achieving that the unloaded curve ball comes to surround it, being one of the interesting options that we have in this rotating area in Knockout City.
    • The throws thrown: here it is possible to use many platforms, from the low walls in height such as the Galaxy Burger itself, thus preventing the balls from getting hooked, but this can be completely ended when the lobs are used correctly, passing with it on the walls, which helps to catch our enemies by surprise due to the difference in speed whether we are loaded or not, then to see How to win on the Galaxy Burger map in Knockout City it is necessary to highlight the normal or curved launch that it won't work better than one thrown in many areas of this map.
    • Get together and get closer: when we are on such a wide open map it is appropriate to consider that despite this there are not so many traps and terrain to collide, so it is easy for the enemies to keep their distance and can catch any launch against them, then Being gathered and getting closer to the enemy is necessary in terms of How to win on the Galaxy Burger map in Knockout City.
    • Attack from above: an advantage to face the enemies can be found on the second floor, managing here to jump, take the ball and then chase them, which can be ideal in terms of How to win on the Galaxy Burger map while we are here as long as possible above, seeing that the platforms will be rotating around the building, which allows us to stay still with the loaded ball until said platform takes us by having visual of the enemy, it should be noted that it is the highest area of ​​this map at Knockout City, then from this height the pitchers coming from the first floor are easy to catch.
    • The final attacks: although the continuous rotating platforms become an obstacle for lob launches, they turn out to be ideal for the final attacks, achieving with our teammates to be in the air before exploding, which becomes something instantly Synchronization and spatial knowledge are certainly important in Knockout City, which will allow to solve How to win on the Galaxy Burger map with great mastery.
    • Being close to the edge: being in the shape of a ball it turns out to be easy to throw our enemies when catching them, it is always ideal to stay close to the edge of the map, until impatient enemies end up throwing their companions as they do not have balls to throw When this happens, we catch it, we turn towards the ledge and we launch it with a launch, which makes it go straight down without being able to recover, so this function in Knockout City is a good strategy to jump off the map and plan avoiding them to arrive. to land.
    • The tackles: we must bear in mind that on How to win on the Galaxy Burger map we are going to see the balls appear well dispersed compared to other maps, we will go through situations where not all of us will have a ball to throw it, it is important then to tackle the Nearby enemies for those of us who do not have a ball is necessary, being ideal even as a counterattack, now hopefully we can tackle them even outside the edge of the map or in the holes where the flying cars will be parked.

     Finally, now that we know how to win on the Galaxy Burger map we can move on in Knockout City.

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