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Now that Biomutant has been released you are likely to wonder how to Fix Nodes In Rotation Puzzle Error and here you will find everything

What is the problem with the nodes in the rotation puzzle in Biomutant?

As you already know, the error occurs in the Rotation Puzzle, where it is not possible to rotate the nodes, which undoubtedly becomes frustrating for more than one, since it stops progress, so if you want to know how to correct it, you will have to pay attention to what comes next.

How to Fix Nodes In Rotation Puzzle Error in Biomutant?

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    To correct this problem, what you have to do is very simple, simply reload the previous save point. This is the only solution so far for this problem, so in case it doesn't work for you, you'll have to wait for the developers to release an update that fixes it, which should happen at any time.

    . As of now, this is the only way to correct this error. Due to this bug, you cannot rotate the nodes of any of the Rotation Puzzles, such as the Fry-Sparkers.

    Likewise, make sure to keep manually saving your game after each major checkpoint, so that if you run into this bug, you can have an alternative on hand.

     For now that's all there is to how to Fix Nodes In Rotation Puzzle Error in Biomutant, so hopefully our guide will help you fix this problem and hopefully the developers are also working on an update that fixes it. Root.

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