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Today we present for you a Free Fire guide where we are going to tell you How to change voice.

What is the purpose of changing the voice in Free Fire?

 This game leads us to work in a constant battle environment, which has managed to penetrate perfectly well, there is the possibility that the same game is played under multiplayer mode, in such a way that knowing how to change voice offers us the possibility of executing some changes that may well be favorable, although it is true the graphics are fascinating, the sound may present some changes, in such a way that it allows us to have the possibility of talking with another human player who may be on our team.

 Knowing how to change voice is a necessary action, especially considering that we are immersed in an environment of action and adventure that cannot be put aside, in addition, the voice is usually presented as a type of change that can be somewhat more interactive and therefore This leads us to talk about the voice chat that Free Fire presents to us.

What is voice chat in Free Fire?

 Knowing how to change voice leads us to consider that voice chat usually works as a type of function, which in a way could be represented as a kind of necessary pillar, especially considering that there is the possibility of having a voice chat Because Free Fire has the multiplayer option, where there is a need to interact with fellow players.
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    This game offers us the opportunity to coordinate to work as a team and in this way get to work together with friends in order to be able to face the enemies in Free Fire, especially considering that this game is usually highly popular, and therefore it is necessary to have the ability to explore all the features that it may contain, among which knows how to change voice and thus get the best out of it as possible in this game.
    •  How to change voice in Free Fire?
    •  To access this process it is necessary:
    •  We must take care of searching and downloading the “DU” application in the Google Play Store or App Store.
    • Once it has been downloaded, it is necessary to proceed to install it on our mobile device.
    • Next we must open the application and proceed to verify the permissions that it usually asks for.
    • Next you need to see the "Settings" icon.
    • Then we must click on the "Configuration" icon in order to obtain a new page open on which it is necessary to click.
    • Next we must scroll down where we locate the voice change option.
    • Then it is necessary to take care of opening the application where we are offered some options to change the voice and in this way apply them in Free Fire.
    • It is necessary to choose the voice that we consider favorable, and there is even the possibility of customizing it.
    • Then it is necessary to save it, but this implies doing it from the option above.
     We proceed to open the game while keeping the DU Recorder turned on so that knowing how to change voice allows us to have some necessary changes such as activating screen recording, thus making it clear enough that everything we say simply It will be recorded with the voice that we have saved.

     In this sense, knowing How to change voice allows us to have the possibility to modify and thus continue playing with a more personal characteristic in Free Fire.

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