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Now we are going to tell you how to Break Metal Wall To Moth Nest Biomutant, so pay attention so you know how to do it,

What is the problem with the metal wall in a moth nest in Biomutant?

This is a recent issue players have encountered when trying to break through the metal wall that leads to the third moth nest in the game, but it's pretty straightforward to do, and we'll show you below.

How to Break Metal Wall To Moth Nest in Biomutant?

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    What you need to do is hit the metal wall with the Old World Konkfist. This is a very powerful melee weapon. What you need to do is choose the weapon in your inventory using the D-Pad of the controller or the "3" key in To access the weapon inventory and select this powerful melee weapon to break open metal walls and walls without problem.

    Then you will have to go to the metal wall that blocks your way and fire the weapon by clicking the right mouse button on PC, using Squareen PlayStation or X XBOX and when you have enough momentum, release it and the AI will automatically hit the wall without need aiming manually. It will take a few hits to destroy the wall.

    So we come to the end of this guide on how to Break Metal Wall To Moth Nest in Biomutant, which we hope has been as useful as possible, and you manage to break the wall to advance as much as possible in the game.

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