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2021-01-28 06:21:49

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Discover How to play Werewolf Imposter Mod to achieve advancement in Among Us.

What to know about the Werewolf Impostor Mod in Among Us?

  It is a new addition to the list of mods of the game, certainly this turns out to be different from the others, because it allows the imposter to be a werewolf, which leads to wanting to understand How to play werewolf imposter Mod and the details that come next they will cover our doubts, let's see.

How to play Werewolf Impostor Mod in Among Us?

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By having this mod it is possible that by playing as an impostor we can transform ourselves into a werewolf, this is possible with the special button, seeing as a result a light off that allows visual reduction for others except for the werewolf, which allows to have a visual on the mini map of all the companions, killing them becomes very easy and without raising any kind of suspicion, before performing this transformation we must highlight the existence of a cooling period, which avoids doing it whenever we want, with someone using this mod is impossible to beat due to the various advantages that are obtained once transformed.

  In this way we finalize our Among Us guide, now you know How to play Werewolf Impostor Mod, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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