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Angel Marquez
2021-01-28 13:13:30

More about: Cyber Shadow

With our Cyber Shadow guide you will learn more about How to get the loot sheet.

What to know about Cyber Shadow?

  While we are progressing we are going to find endless objects, with which we protect ourselves, cause damage to enemies or even restore our spirit meter, only there is a special object to consider such as the loot sheet, taking into account is Ideally, consider the upcoming content of this guide to guide us on How to get the loot sheet, so let's move on to see what we find out about it.

How to get the loot sheet in Cyber Shadow?

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This object can be found in different locations in the game as we progress, which consists of a large shuriken that sticks to the body with a chain that allows the swing to hit our enemies when running, in the ruins of Mekacity is where most often We will see, there are different control points that will lead us to the fight with the Biohunter, and it is possible to obtain the loot sheet, we have to unlock the synthesis of said object, so we will use 20 or 50 of the currency of the play in a control point to do so, it must certainly be the one indicated to unlock the object, otherwise we will not be able to obtain it, for each control point the price must be paid to synthesize the object.

 When we have it we will be able to tell its control to be in motion, when jumping the blade begins to swing from top to bottom, if we go from side to side it begins to rotate horizontally, which is an outstanding combination, even performing ranged attacks is possible by firing the shuriken.

 This is how we end our guide on How to get the loot sheet, hoping that you can get the best out of Cyber Shadow, a very busy game.

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