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2021-01-28 06:20:54

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Delve into the universe of Cyber Shadow, because today we are going to tell you how to beat Biohunter.

What to know about Cyber Shadow?

Throughout our progress through this game we are going to find many bosses to face, who come to have different ways to seek to eliminate us, being in itself a challenge to overcome we have that the first of them is the Biohunter, it is necessary that we consider have the swag sheet to face it, for about 50 red orbs it is activated on the platform of the checkpoint, the recovery will also be supportive, so it is ideal to know more about How to beat Biohunter and for this we follow the following text.

How to beat Biohunter in Cyber Shadow?

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  • In phase 1: we have to avoid his blue laser once we are in the sand, for this we must move to the left or right of the platform, jumping is the best way and return to the same jump to another direction, that makes our swag sheet rotate in a circle around us, which allows us to cause damage to the boss, it is important to be under him always when doing this movement, because we will avoid the projectiles, patients will play an important role, it is necessary to apply the same movement with the swag blade when the change of position occurs, we must avoid falling behind the boss because we will be an easy target for their bombs, when the health of the Biohunter is reduced, we enter the next phase of the combat by launching a blue laser that we must avoid.

  • In phase 2: we must stay out of the blue laser's range until it disappears to give it a series of blows before it gets up, we will see it running from one side to the other to the boss during this phase on the ground, it is necessary to continue using the swag blade and jump on the attacks to hit it, we will gain a power-up once we defeat it.

 Finally, now that we know how to beat Biohunter we can move on to Cyber Shadow.

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