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2020-11-26 08:36:21

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Saber How to sabotage lights is a task that we can do in Among Us and here we explain the details that you should know.

Who can sabotage lights in Among Us?

Simply, our main task is to play as an impostor, since in order to sabotage the lights there is nothing better than this character, since normally the crewmates cannot do it, so it is necessary to make some interesting changes in the configuration that we play. as impostors, as this can particularly be done at a certain moment where we consider it necessary to carry out a blackout.

How to sabotage lights in Among Us?

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Once we have chosen to be an impostor, that is where our work occurs, because the idea is to ensure that this can be seen more as a blackout and not as a provoked event, in such a way that we go stealthily to where the icon is located sabotage at the bottom on the right side, since there is a very interesting menu in which it is possible to enter, however, our work has to do with lights, so we will focus on Electricity, once there we proceed to click on the lightning to choose to turn off the power, because on the other hand it is necessary to consider allowing some time to pass between one sabotage and the other, thus avoiding overheating and being discovered.

Now that you know How to sabotage lights, it is time to get into playing as a saboteur in Among Us and see that it is a game that has a lot to offer us from any point of view that we see it.

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