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Angel Marquez
2020-11-26 15:24:26

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Find out how to connect the soundbar system in this excellent and explanatory guide to the PS5.

What to know about PS5?

The new next-generation Sony console is here, there are so many features that are being discovered to be enjoyed, one of these is the sound bar system, considering that 3D audio has been taken into account in this generation, so Related to this, many of us asked how to connect the sound bar system and that is what this guide with its content will answer next, let's see what we find then.
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How to connect the soundbar system in PS5?

The first thing to know about it is that it is possible to connect to the HDMI OUT port of the console so that it can be connected to the television or the sound system, taking into account that the HDMI input must be in our sound system Of course, in this way it is possible to connect with the console in the HDMI OUT slot that is in the back of it, the sound formats that it can support are the following:


  •   AAC max 5.1ch
  • Dolby Digital max 5.1ch
  • DTS max 5.1ch
  • Linear PCM max 7.1ch
  • DTS-HD Master audio max 7.1ch
  • High-resolution DTS-HAD in max 7.1ch sound
  • Dolby Digital Plus max 7.1ch
  • Dolby TrueHD max 7.1ch


Finally, now that we know how to connect the soundbar system we can get more out of our PS5.

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