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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-09-15 15:55:33

Guide to learn How to bring turkeys to Yang in Spelunky 2

  In Spelunky 2, it may be the case that you receive help from characters that will appear randomly while you discover the surprises that the caves can bring you while you walk through it, on the other hand we have Yang, a well-known character in the game and together with his son is one of the first characters you can discover in the sequel. You will see that Yang will ask for some turkeys so you will have to learn How to bring turkeys to Yang to complete one of your missions and in this guide we will tell you everything.

How to bring turkeys to Yang in Spelunky 2?

When you meet Yang, you will know that he is a lover of turkeys, knowing this you must be careful not to grab his turkey which is something that they usually do a lot which is a serious mistake because this only makes him release his anger and He will force you to run or fight himself. On the other hand, all you have to do is give him a different additional turkey for his collection.

The problem? It's that time your task is to explore the level in search of a turkey. If you manage to find the turkey, you can either mount it or bring it back to Yang and place it inside his containment area to complete the mission. If you are riding a turkey to Yang, you will have to dismount by holding and pressing jump, then lift the turkey like any other object.

Recommend for the Turkeys to Yang

Up to now it usually only takes two bucks to make Yang happy, although more might be needed on some levels. Once you put in enough, Yang will be satisfied and offer you a prize. Take the key, then enter the turkey pen and use it on the locked door. Inside is a small area full of treasures that you can collect.

  Now that you know how to bring turkeys to Yang in Spelunky 2 you can receive this or other prizes from that character as long as you bring him enough turkeys as an offering in the game. Luck!

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