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Outriders: How to Start Expeditions

2021-04-08 09:38:57

Outriders allows us to perform various actions, and therefore it is important to tell you How to start expeditions

What are expeditions in Outriders?

These are simply a type of travel that we usually make in this game, as there are some interesting missions that allow us to go on expeditions in order to face hostile creatures, in addition to some complex objectives that Enoch will throw at us, because the idea of this is to embark in the possibility of exploring, as it should be noted that expeditions are usually unlocked by completing the missions where it will be necessary to overcome the story.
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    How to start expeditions in Outriders?

    •  Our first task is to load into the "Camp" after going through the credits.
    • Next we will see the "Expedition Map" with which we are allowed to interact in an expedition.
    • At the beginning there are only 3 expeditions unlocked.
    • As we progress we are allowed to unlock and complete more expeditions in the challenge levels.
    • It is necessary to consider that the better the completion time of the expedition, the better the fall resources will be, and we will be able to ascend in the challenge levels.
    • Expeditions will be more complex when the challenge level is higher.
    • At higher levels of challenge we are allowed to get better loot.
    • The last expedition makes us have to place ourselves at challenge level 15, in addition to getting 40,000 resources from the drop capsule.


     Now that you know how to start expeditions it is time to delve a little deeper into Outriders.

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    April 1, 2021
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