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Epic Games: How Fix Stuck On Preparing the Launcher

2021-04-08 09:32:32

The bugs are present in Epic Games and this allows us to tell you how to fix Stuck On Preparing the Launcher

What is the Stuck On Preparing the Launcher in Epic Games?

This is an inconvenience that has frustrated a certain number of players, which makes it convenient to tell you how to fix Stuck On Preparing the Launcher, since this phallus usually blocks the entrance to the services of the game, which can become quite an anxiety However, there are solutions and here we have raised some of them that you can take advantage of.
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    How to fix Stuck On Preparing the Launcher in Epic Games?

     It is good to choose to try the one that best suits you and in this way continue playing normally, in this sense it is worth considering:


    •  Check the status of the Epic Games server: this should undoubtedly be the first option to choose, for this it is only necessary to access the web page of the Epic Games server status, on this site we will be given information about any inconvenience, in case there are problems with the server, it is not really possible to do anything, it will only be enough to wait for Epic Games to solve it directly.
    • Choose to examine the Twitter account of Epic Games: this is another option that may well be applied, since there they usually publish some technical problems officially, in case there are some jobs that are being carried out, since they usually report it in this way.
    • Choose to check for inactivity through DownDetector: this is a favorable option, it can be done when we observe that it can become a large-scale inconvenience and errors seem to occur constantly.
    • Take a look at the official page of Epic Games: they have indicated that it is possible to restart or reinstall “Epic Games Launcher”.

     This is all we know so far about how to fix Stuck On Preparing the Launcher, as it is valid to try some of these solutions and continue playing in Epic Games.

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