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Enter the universe of Once Human because today we are talking to you about Where to Find the Cultist Treasure in Once Human with accurate details for your progress.

Legends whisper of a hidden fortune amassed by a fanatical cult, safeguarded within the unforgiving wastelands of Once Human. The Cultist Treasure beckons to those brave (or foolhardy) enough to seek it, but its path is shrouded in secrecy and guarded by both the dangers of the world and the story's progression itself. Here's your comprehensive guide to Where to Find the Cultist Treasure in Once Human.

Where to Find the Cultist Treasure in Once Human

The Map's Acquisition: A Test of Navigation and Mettle

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  • Charting the Course:  Your journey begins with a good map. Unfurl it and set your sights eastward, locating the bustling Coastside Plaza. This central location holds the key to unlocking the treasure's location.
  • Reaching the Plaza:  Several options lie before you. Utilize the nearest Teleportation Tower for swift travel, offering a strategic advantage if you're pressed for time. Alternatively, traverse the distance on foot or by motorcycle. No matter your chosen path,  be vigilant – the wastelands are rife with dangers, both human and monstrous.
  • BN Mart - Ground Zero:  Within the heart of Coastside Plaza lies the unassuming BN Mart building. This seemingly ordinary structure conceals the first step towards the treasure. Don't be fooled by its mundane exterior – what awaits you within could very well determine your success.
  • Eradicating the Threat:  Brace yourself, for upon entering the BN Mart, you'll be met with a hostile reception. The denizens of this area are unlikely to relinquish the secrets they hold without a fight. Eradicate all enemies within the building, leaving no opposition standing. This might require strategic use of your weapons and abilities; victory favors the prepared.
  • Silencing the Spawner:  Once the immediate threat is neutralized, locate the enemy spawner on the right side. Destroying this infernal device will prevent reinforcements from hindering your progress. With a well-placed attack, you'll ensure a smoother path forward.
  • Unearthing the Key:  With the area secured and the threat neutralized, approach the ritual circle prominently displayed within the building. Interact with it to claim your prize: the coveted Cultist Treasure Map.  Within your inventory, press F to unveil the map's secrets and pinpoint the treasure's location. The map itself may offer cryptic clues or hidden messages; a keen eye and sharp mind might reveal additional details about the treasure's nature or the challenges that lie ahead.

Reaching the Treasure (Story Progression Required):

Accessing the treasure itself resides within the Believers Colony, nestled beneath the imposing Chalk Peak's Monolith. However, venturing into this location is gated behind your progress in the main story. Ensure you've advanced the narrative sufficiently before embarking on this treasure hunt. Patience, grasshopper – the riches will be there when the time is right.

What Lies Within: A Treasure Trove and a Testing Ground

Upon gaining access to the Believers Colony, not only will you claim the Cultist Treasure, but you'll also unlock a treasure trove of new quests and potentially valuable items.  The Colony itself might hold secrets about the cult's history, their motivations, or the very nature of the treasure itself. Be prepared, however, for the Colony is likely crawling with Deviant forces, twisted creatures warped by the world's decay. Pack your most potent weaponry and sharpen your combat skills to overcome these formidable foes. The path to the treasure may be fraught with danger, but the rewards could be substantial.

Thus we have reached the end of our guide, concluding that knowing Where to Find the Cultist Treasure in Once Human is important to continue progressing in this fast-paced game, which is why we will apply what is presented in this guide.

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