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Find out How To Unlock Premium Warbonds in Helldivers 2 in this excellent explanatory guide with precise details.

What to know about premium war bonuses in Helldivers 2?

These are drops that contain a variety of weapons, cosmetics, and power-ups focused on a specific theme. For example, the game's Cutting Edge War Bond offers high-tech energy weapons and matching armor sets, while Democratic Detonation features explosive weapons. New warbonds are released on the second Thursday of each month, now seeking understanding on How To Unlock Premium Warbonds in Helldivers 2 it is appropriate to focus our attention on this guide and its following content.

How To Unlock Premium Warbonds in Helldivers 2?

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The only method to access the content of a Premium War Bond is to purchase it first. This requires 1000 Super Credits, which can be acquired by purchasing them with real money or earning them while completing missions. Sometimes, Super Credits can be found in piles during missions after opening crashed supply drones, locked containers or two-man, door bunkers. These stacks can give us 10 or 20 super credits, although there have been rare cases in which we can obtain 100 super credits from a single stack, the next thing to do when obtaining the necessary amount of credits is that we go to the Acquisitions page of our ship and press the designated button at the top of our screen. From there, we select the war bonus you want to unlock and confirm our purchase by holding down the button at the bottom right of the screen.

Currently, there is only one free warbond and three premium warbonds. However, it can be argued that all of them are free as long as we are willing to invest the time to earn enough Super Credits. The advantage of premium warbonds is that they never expire and we can all access them at any time without the pressure of unlocking their content within a set period of time, acquiring warbond items requires the expenditure of medals, a form of currency that we can obtain by completing objectives or acquiring boxes containing medals from points of interest. This mimics the mechanism by which supercredits are discovered serendipitously.

With this we come to the end of our explanatory guide, now you know How To Unlock Premium Warbonds in Helldivers 2, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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