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Angel Marquez
2020-12-08 15:23:25

More about: World of Warcraft Shadowlands

We invite you to discover How to get all Armor Rune Vessels, a new task in World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

What to know about the armor rune vessels in World of Warcraft Shadowlands?

It is one of the basic elements that will be complemented with the legendary powers, considering the existence of these vessels associated with the head, shoulders, chest, wrists, hands, waist, legs, feet and much more, counting in turn with some variants for the slots such as cloth, leather, mail and plate, then it is necessary that it is from our understanding How to obtain all the armor rune glasses and it is what will be explained in the following content of this guide, let's see .

How to get all armor rune glasses in World of Warcraft Shadowlands?

Let's see next which are the armor rune glasses:
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Leather Armor:

  •  The Head the Helm of Umbrahide
  • The Shoulders the Pauldrons of Umbrahide
  • The Chest the Umbrahide Vest
  • The Doll the Umbrahide Arm Guards
  • The Hands Gauntlets of Umbrahide
  • The Waist the Umbrahide Waistguard
  • Legs have Umbrahide leather leggings
  • The Feet the Tracks of Umbrahide


 Plate armor:

  •  The Head the Helm of the Specter
  • The Shoulders the Pauldrons of the Shadow
  • The Chest Plate Chest Shadow
  • The Doll the Guard-arms of the shadow
  • The Hands the Shadow Gauntlets
  • The Waist the Guardian waist of the shadow
  • Las Legs the Chicharrones de la sombra
  • The Feet the Shadow Sabatons
  • The Neck the shadow collar
  • Behind the cape of gray veils
  • The Finger the ring of shadow


 Mail Armor:

  •  The Head the Helm of the Bone Hatter
  • Shoulders the Pauldrons of the Bone Hatter
  • The Chest the Bone Hatter's vest
  • The Wrist the Bone Hatter's arm guards
  • The Hands the gauntlets of the Bone Hatter
  • The Legs the Greaves of the Bone Hatter
  • The Waist protector of the Bone Hatter
  • The Feet the tracks of the Bone Hatter


 Cloth Armor:

  •  The Head for the Dark-Eyed Hood
  • The Shoulders the grim-looking Spaulders
  • The Chest the veiled tunic of Grim
  • The doll the bracelets with the gray veil
  • The Hands the mittens with the gray veil
  • Waist belt with gray veil
  • Legs pants with gray veil
  • Feet sandals with the veil of mourning


 We can conclude that knowing how to get all armor rune Vessels is now easier than thought, due to this content presented in this World of Warcraft Shadowlands guide, which reinforces our progress and fun.

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